CATCH ‘A new play by Tom Roberts’
08/05/17 -
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

CATCH ‘A new play by Tom Roberts’

Arrive at 7pm for pre-show entertainment followed by a 7:30pm start.

8th, 9th, 10th & 11th May 2017 – TICKET LINK


Hello & Welcome to Catch,

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for showing an interest in the play! We have created Catch to be an immersive piece of theatre, accessible to all, as our contribution to the thriving fringe scene in Manchester.

​Catch is a night at the theatre. Though one in which the glitz and glam is melted away and replaced by the lives of those who sweat and serve to please audiences. An uncomfortable feeling of stagnation rings true for Charlie and Bailey, two young bar women, spending six days a week in the theatre, dreaming of paradise.

Catch is a play for those who have ever felt trapped within a workplace. Catch is a play for those who have ever dreamed of getting out. Catch is a play about taking what you want. As long as you can catch.


Bailey – Rhiannon Williams

Charlie – Iona Champain

Ollie – Stan Rawlings

Daryl – Corin Silva

Oscar – Johnny Topping

Barbara – Erica Silva

Derek – Oliver Robert-Vale

Kate – Jess Harkin

Caitlin – Lauren Savage

Creative Team

Writer and Director – Tomos Roberts

Produced by – Odds On Productions

Technical Director – Sam Gee

PR Officer – Emma Young

Stage Manager – Jade Jones

Original Music from –

 Georgia Gage – ‘Catch’ & ‘Nobody’s Counting’

New Manhattan – ‘License to Chill’

Louis Olivier – ‘Peachy’

Catch Band

Vocals – Emma Doherty

Violin – Louise Bracken

Cello – Isabel Williamson

Box Drum – Rishi Pelham

Acoustic Guitar – Michael Honnah

Keys – Ben Mair