CALL OUT FOR PROPOSALS: The Other City Project Summative Assessment
01/02/23 -
Time: 9:00 am

CALL OUT FOR PROPOSALS: The Other City Project Summative Assessment

The Other City Project Summative Assessment

Contract Summary

Islington Mill in partnership with The Womens Organisation and Salford City Council are seeking evaluation services to conduct a Summative Assessment of The Other City project.

Buyer: Islington Mill Arts Club CIC
Location of contract: Islington Mill Arts Club, Islington Mill, James Street, M3 5HW
Value of contract: £20,000 (maximum)
Published date: 1st February 2023
Closing date and time: 20th February 2023, 9am
Contract type: Service
Procedure type: Competitive quotation (below threshold)
Contract is suitable for SMEs


Islington Mill Arts Club in partnership with Salford City Council and The Womens Organisation are leading The Other City project.

The overarching purpose of the project is to provide both the tailored workspace and business support services needed to secure continued growth of Greater Manchester’s creative and cultural industries cluster – a sector with significant growth potential but with specific support requirements to capture opportunities.

The project is a combination of capital works to enhance and expand the provision of studio, rehearsal and seminar space for the creative sector in Greater Manchester, alongside a bespoke business support package for creative SMEs.

Further details on the specific capital and revenue are outlined below:

• Islington Mill – refurbishment of floor 5 & 6 to provide workspace and event space for creative SMEs
• New Islington – purchase of building from third party, and refurbishment of x3 floor to provide studios, co-working, event and rehearsal studio for creative SMEs

• Creative Enterprise Support Programme (branded as Weave) – business support project to creative SMEs based in Greater Manchester with a focus on survival, sustainability (in context of impact of Covid) and growth opportunities.

The project commenced in January 2021 and will be practically complete by June 2023 Outputs:

Project partners will work alongside the consultant to identify all appropriate data and facilitate assessment with relevant project beneficiaries.

ERDF guidance on Summative Assessment can be found through the .gov website:

(ERDF Summative Assessment Guidance and ERDF Summative Assessment Guidance appendices).

In relation to the summative assessment, the project is expected to provide the following:

1. The logic model (already completed at point of grant application)

2. Summative Assessment Plan (done following award of ERDF grant but can be revised on appointment of consultants)

3. The data monitoring template (completed quarterly by the project team as part of the ERDF claim submission)

4. The summative assessment summary findings and summative assessment report (to be produced via this commission by independent assessment)

The final report template that you will be expected to complete can be found within the Guidance Appendices document.

The deadline for submission of this work is 15th July 2023


Please send applications to

Applications will be assessed and scored split between 80% quality and 20% price

Quality will be considered and scored on:
• the approach, plan and methodology to undertake the assessment in line with the guidance and set timescales (60%)
• understanding of the cultural and creative sector (20%)

When making your application please include the following:
• In order to demonstrate quality, applicants must demonstrate knowledge of ERDF Summative Assessment and experience of undertaking this, or similar assessment or evaluation for other projects.
• outline understanding of the cultural and creative sector specific to the aims, objectives and activities delivered by this project.
• provide details of relevant experience (in the form of a CV or similar) over the last five years.
• your proposed price structure for delivery of the above contract (inclusive of all expenses) with VAT stated separately.

Supporting Information

Please refer to the below Logic Model and Summative Assessment Plan to inform your application.

The Other City Project Logic Model

Summative Assessment Plan Form THE OTHER CITY