Audio Farm Presents Green Paw Project Malawi Fundraiser
25/11/16 -
Time: 6:00 pm - 6:00 am

Audio Farm Presents Green Paw Project Malawi Fundraiser

///////// Highlights of the Night /////////
– House & Techno Music
– Festival Decor
– Live Electronic, Funk, Techno Instrumental Bands
– Big live jam – bring your own instrument
– Fire Show and Circus performers

///////// Line-up /////////
**** Main Room ****
Annabel Fraser (NTS)
Hollowood (Audio Farm)
Jacques Adda (Virgo Festival)
MPH (Audio Farm)
Sam Watson (Freerotation)
Tay (Audio Farm)

**** Gallery ****
All Night long jam (Bring your instrument)
Beatniks (Drumming Collective)
Treedrummers (Drumming Collective)
Plus Special performances by
Barry Gammon and the Midday Incident (Live Band)
Tommy Techno Tits
Mobius Loop (Jamming and Live Acoustic)

///////// Highlights of the Eve /////////
– Gong Bath
– Acoustic Music
– Vegan Food
– Animal Welfare & Veganism Talks
(Get down early to get some grub and zone into some gongs or warms things up with some acoustic rhythms)

///////// Night Event Info /////////
Following the huge success of last years Live Day and Night Charity Event at Islington Mill, Audio Farm are hosting its second charity event in November and returning to this wonderful venue. This time around we’re going back to the roots of Audio Farm with 8 hours of House and Techno in the Main Room and we will be bringing in a mega sound system to play with.

The Gallery will once again be the place to find the organic beats. We will start off with some amazing live electronic, funk and techno instrumental bands, and following with a huge Live Jam open to all musical gems, where the atmosphere is always electric. The Jam is open to all, so bring your instrument if you wish to get involved.

Outside, we will have Audio Farms core circus performers, who will be displaying their incredible fire shows throughout the night.

/////////Eve Event Info – Gong Bath, Talks, Food /////////
True to the Audio Farm ethos of mixing it up and keeping things fresh we are bringing you our first Gong Bath to our Manchester Audio Farm events. The Gong Bath will be hosted by Paul Dilworth of Consciousness Collective, and this mind expanding pre event will be accompanied by Environmental / Animal Welfare Talks and Discussions with a panel of guests, some delicious Vegan Hemp Food from the wonderful collective Hemp Redemption, and some creative acoustic music by Mobius Loop. Doors open at 6pm, with the Gong Bath at 8pm.

/////////Charity Event Fundraising /////////
The all night event will be fundraising for the Green Paw Project Malawi Animal Welfare Conservation Lodge, that will be built in 2017. The lodge will be for tourists to come, stay and learn about Malawi and the animals of Africa. 100% all the proceeds from the event will go towards the set up costs of the lodge. The Lodge will provide conservation of the Malawi National Parks, Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation and free Vet Care and Education for the Locals. The lodge will start its build in September 2016, with all planning starting in October 2016. Info will be available online by mid November 2016.

///////// Tickets /////////
Gong Bath, Acoustic Music, Environmental / Animal Welfare Talks and Discussions & Food – 6pm till 9pm = £7 + Donation / More on the Door
Night Party – 9pm till 5pm = £10 + Donation / More on the Door
Both Pre Party Gong, Talks, Food + Launch Party – 6pm till 5am = £15

/////////Location /////////
1 James St, Salford M3 5HW, United Kingdom

///////// Date /////////
Friday 25th November 2016

///////// Times /////////
6pm till 5am or later