ARTIST TALK // Beatrice Loft Schulz & Laura Morrison
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

ARTIST TALK // Beatrice Loft Schulz & Laura Morrison

Please join Beatrice Loft Schulz and Laura Morrison for an artist talk and conversation about their work currently stored with Temporary Custodians at Islington Mill. The paintings in storage are from a residency and performance event, Bain Marie, at Res. in London curated by Sarah Jury in October 2015.

Steve at AQNB:
“What does Bain Marie mean?” I say to Schulz. She tells me it could be something like a thing that melts chocolate slowly so as not to burn it, kind of warming it up. I started to think that the space they are creating is having the same effect. Some rubber tiles cover part of the floor and arranged across them are plenty of books that the artists had brought with them –novels, Finnish poetry, theory –all sorts. Over the other side of the room are a couple of portable old fabric and wooden makeshift beds, upon which each has a vintage dress draped over it. The materiality of the objects creates a sense of warmth in the space –paper, wood, fabric, nylon. Also drawings are being made onto veneered wood –a fox, a map of slow worms, a vagina, an arsehole. Both artists seem reluctant to consider it a collaboration, preferring to state that they are working on their own separate things.

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