Alena Ruth Tufting / Mini Rug Tufting / Full Day Workshop
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Alena Ruth Tufting / Mini Rug Tufting / Full Day Workshop

This workshop explores how to make a mini rug with a pneumatic tufting gun.

Participants will receive a short introduction to my work and detailed guidance whilst operating and altering settings on the tufting gun.

Over 6 hours participants can expect to learn the design process, advanced tufting techniques to make contemporary fibre art, rugs or wall-hangings and create smaller sample pieces by hand tufting and weaving

The outcome of this workshop will be one bespoke 90cm x 60cm rug for each participant. There is also the option to combine two workshop places and create a single ‘couples’ rug at a maximum size of 90cm x 120cm

You will learn how to make a contemporary piece using different needle heights, yarn colours and with cut and looped pile heights.

I will provide all materials required and you are welcome to bring additional colours of yarn to use (I will contact you with specific details after booking)

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