Alena Ruth Tufting / Full Tufting Experience / Weekend Course
29/02/20 -
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Alena Ruth Tufting / Full Tufting Experience / Weekend Course

During this weekend course, you will have the opportunity to explore composition, design and colour to create your own, one of a kind, bespoke rug.

Participants will receive a short introduction to my work and detailed guidance whilst operating and altering settings on the tufting gun.

You will experiment with advanced tufting techniques and can expect to gain detailed knowledge of the design and making process.

In addition to creating smaller sample pieces by hand tufting and weaving, you will also learn how to use a pneumatic tufting gun, change gun settings and finish

off a piece of work. This includes testing cut and looped pile heights, changing the needle settings and mixing yarn colours.

This 12-hour workshop is spread over two 6-hour days to make a detailed 180cm x 120cm rug.

I will provide all materials required and you are welcome to bring additional colours of yarn to use (I will contact you with specific details after booking)

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