Islington Mill has no functioning roof. The top of our building is wide open to the elements. With the upper floors constantly exposed to the weather they have become derelict, dilapidated and unsafe. We can’t continue without a roof over our heads. We urgently need to act to protect our building, our artists and our future.

Arts Council England and Salford Council have recognised our extraordinary achievements and our current urgent condition, and have agreed to donate the bulk of funds needed for the extensive and urgent programme of repair. However, in order to release these funds, it’s up to us to raise a further £735,000.

It’s the biggest challenge to date for Islington Mill, but with your help we’ll rise to it.

Our planned programme of repair and renovation will not only build us a secure roof, but it will utterly transform the dilapidated upper floors, bringing 6000 square foot of unused space into permanent use. A new entrance to the iconic mill will increase our inclusivity for our neighbours and world-wide visitors.

Over two decades, Islington Mill has evolved from a derelict Industrial Revolution mill in Salford to an independent multi-floor arts enterprise with international standing. We treasure our independence to explore and create. We foster an openness to experiment, enabling people to live and work as freely and creatively as possible.

As many as 1700 artists and makers from around the world have passed through the doors of Islington Mill and launched successful international careers. Today, we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading independently-run arts venues with 50 studio spaces housing over 100 multi-discipline artists and makers, plus event spaces and galleries, collectively attracting 15,000 visitors annually.

But we’ve come as far as we can and we need your help.

We urgently need your donations to #SaveIslingtonMill 

For other enquiries regarding this campaign please call Jo Byrne: 0161 278 6404