Larry Gottheim Residency at Islington Mill
24/05/17 -
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Larry Gottheim Residency at Islington Mill

FAT OUT’S BURROW & Impatv Presents…
Larry Gottheim Residency at Islington Mill


Larry Gottheim was born in 1936. He studied music and literature at University, before receiving his PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University. Larry started the Cinema Department at Binghamton University, which was the first regular undergraduate program that dealt with cinema as a personal art. Larry maintained his professorship for a time there, teaching filmmaking and aesthetics. As an artist, Larry’s films have been shown in Museums, Festivals, Universities, Art Schools and other venues in North America and Europe. Larry is currently a dealer in classical photography through Be-hold.

During his two day residency Larry will be showing his life work in experimental film.

Wednesday 24th May // 6 – 9pm:
FOUR SHADOWS (16mm) “Elective Affinities” Part 3. (1978) 64 minutes.
TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, (16mm) “Elective Affinities” Part 4. (1980) 60 minutes.
MNEMOSYNE MOTHER OF MUSES (16mm)(1986) 18 minutes.
Following the films there will be a Q&A with Larry Gottheim
Plus Mary Stark will be projecting & exhibiting a new piece of work.
Thursday 25th May // 6 – 9pm:
MACHETE GILLETE… MAMA (16mm) (1989) 45 minutes.
OUR TELEVISION TRAVELER. (16mm) (1991). 18 minutes.
“CHANTS AND DANCES FOR HAND” (Digital) (1991 – 2016).
Again, following this programme, Larry will discuss his work in a Q&A format.
Chants and Dances for Hand is Larry’s new feature.
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