Mystery Tubes

The Mystery Tubes project was developed to give Islington Mill artists, residents and friends the chance to be involved in the Mill’s fundraising effort. The Engine House has asked artists at various stages of their career to donate print-based work, be it letterpressed, screenprinted, hand-drawn or Risographed. The pieces vary between A6 (postcard) and A2 (poster) in size. These works are then put into sets of six and sealed in a Mystery Tube.

You might get an original hand illustrated piece, or an early screenprinted edition. You will get work worth over £100, often with previously unseen pieces. Each tube contains six items and costs £25 +£10 postage and packaging. Perfect to fill your walls with new artworks, or as a gift!

Scroll down for a small example of included work, we will add to this regularly to show off the varied work as well as adding to the list of included practitioners.

Including: Peter Sutherland, Louis Reith, Anthony Burrill, John Powell-Jones, Mark Jermyn, Palefroi, Craig Oldham, Melvin Galapon, Mike Perry, Malcolm Garrett, Nous Vous, Aliyah Hussain, Mariel Osborn, Caroline Dowsett, DR.ME, Steve Hockett, Deanna Bailey, Rob Bailey, himHallows, Textbook Studio, Dan Russell, Callum Higgins, Lulu Hankin, Iro Design, Amrit Randhawa, VTS Design, Made by Memo, Stina Puotinen, Joseph Whitmore, Marie Young/Kochi Kochi





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